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About Us

Kajukenbo is America's first mixed martial art founded in Hawaii in 1947. Tony Ramos Kajukenbo has been operating in Fairfield since the 1960's, pioneered by our founder Ahgung Tony Ramos. Grand Master David Amiccuci carries on his legacy. 

Kajukenbo is made up of 5 different martial arts. 

Ka – Karate “empty hand”

Ju – Judo/Jujitsu “gentle way” and “yielding martial art”

Ken – Kenpo “law of the fist”

Bo – Gung-Fu (Chinese boxing) “skillful” or “hard work”

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Contact Us


1311 Oliver Rd

Fairfield CA, 94534


(707) 320-7753

Opening Hours

Mon - Thur

4:00 pm – 8:30 pm

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